The Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving. 
Traditionally today, the U.S. observes when 400 years ago Native Americans shared a harvest feast with foreign colonists.
Also today, our Dr. Suzanne is working at a Native American hospital on the Navajo Nation. Are we aware that most Native Americans recognize this day as a National Day Of Mourning? On the 4th of July, the US celebrates its independence. Today, the US should at least acknowledge its dependence.
Outside the reservation hospital, the temperature is below freezing and Suzanne is thankful for many things we take for granted. “Heat. So many of my patients live without electricity. They make fires if they can.”
When asked what she’s most thankful for at Shiprock hospital? “Everyone cares about each other. People working together and really caring about the Navajo.” 
What are you thankful for today? 

Christmas on the equator. 
Do you remember when the news used to talk about the 6.6 million Syrian refugees. 
Occasionally, a report will mention the millions of displaced Ukrainians. 
Unfortunately, there’s rarely a spotlight on the 6.8 million Venezuelan refugees spread across South and Central America. That’s correct, according to the United Nations, Venezuelan refugees have surpassed Syrians and are only matched by those from war-torn Ukraine. 
Just like any country hosting foreigners, here in Ecuador there’s refugee fatigue. 
Thanks to kind people like you, this December we’ve been able to help many Venezuelans in need. From emergency dental surgeries, to getting a grandmother proper healthcare in a large hospital, and assistance with needed rent and food for single mothers, we’ve been happy to help. 
It’s not easy being in a foreign land and we don’t always see the many difficulties migrants and refugees face. Legal obstacles, discrimination, administrative hurdles, fear of deportation, and poor living and working conditions all contribute to an already disadvantaged and difficult life. It’s also important for us to remember that just because one desperate person does something illegal, we shouldn’t punish the other 99% who are striving to get by legally.
Attached are a couple of pictures from the many that we’ve been able to recently assist. A few pictures of Christmas gifts for those most in need in coastal Ecuador. A box of cooking essentials, hygiene kits, and a couple of toys for the young ones.

Thank you to all of you who’ve helped us give a little holiday relief and cheer during this season. 
Peace on Earth, good will to ALL. 

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  1. The work Nathan and Suzanne have dedicated their lives to should be an example to all of us of how to live to give, share. These stories cannot help but touch your heart and soul. What wonderful people


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