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Refugee kids in Uganda

This July, we will again be working in Western Uganda helping with refugees who are fleeing from neighboring countries. An estimated 2 million refugees have fled their home countries in South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, but especially the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We have great admiration for host countries such as Bangladesh, Lebanon, and Uganda, who have difficulties of their own, but still accept refugees from their troubled neighbors.

You’re welcome to join us in helping a refugee school with better hygiene and health.

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Help Ukraine NOW!

Ukraine needs your help!
During the past 6 weeks, have you been disgusted by the Russian invasion of peaceful Ukraine? Have you wanted to do something to directly help the hurting Ukrainians? This is your chance, because right now you can save a Ukrainian’s life. You don’t have to be a trauma surgeon or an emergency doctor. You can donate a simple life and limb saving device called a tourniquet. This devise is an incredibly helpful tool in life threatening bleeding situations, and there’s a lot of that happening in Ukraine right now. Yes, you can make a tourniquet out of a piece of fabric and a stick if you have to, but we would like to give them the best ones available and directly to the font lines.


Dignity for Venezuelan refugees

Here in Ecuador, there are more than 500,000 Venezuelan refugees. You can’t miss them, they’re on street corners, stairwells, and in parks humbly asking for a little help. Over the past few years we have been assisting these Venezuelan refugees in our home country of Ecuador in various ways and are continuing to do so, thanks to your support.

You’re welcome in joining us help share Dignity Kits and water filters, assist with housing and jobs, and give free dental care to our Venezuelan neighbors living here in Ecuador.

Thank you for your support.

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