Dignity for Venezuelans


Here in Ecuador, there are more than 500,000 Venezuelan refugees.  You can’t miss them, they’re on street corners, stairwells, and in parks humbly asking for a little help. Over the past few years we have been assisting these Venezuelan refugees in our home country of Ecuador in various ways and are continuing to do so, thanks to your support. 

We have distributed hundreds of Dignity kits to people who are living on the streets or are having a very hard time just providing the basics for their families like shelter, food and hygiene.  When food and shelter are hard to find, other necessities like hygiene become secondary.

We have distributed many water filters. These filters enable people to make clean and safe water a priority, as it should be.  As you know, clean water for consumption not only decreases water borne illnesses but also sick days away from work and school and medical expenses and therefore increases quality of life.

We have supported a medical clinic called GRACE (Give Refugees A ChancE) whose mission is to care for Venezuelan refugees and poor Ecuadorians alike with teaching and equipment including an ultrasound and EKG machine.

We have organized and are supporting free dental cleanings for Venezuelan refugees in our local area in cooperation with the amazing Dr. Betancourt.

We have helped several families and individuals with housing and jobs.

All of these projects aim to ease the difficulty of living as a refugee.  We plan to continue these projects in our home country of Ecuador as long as they are needed.  As the news of the world turns to new crises, we travel and help as we can, but we continue to help those in front of us.

If you would like to contribute to our Venezuelan Refugee campaign you can do so here.

Thank you for your support!