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We Are

A Ripple was founded by us, Nathan and Suzanne Atteberry. 

Our mission is to provide humanitarian assistance to disadvantaged and underserved populations, refugees, and displaced persons internationally. We volunteer our time and expertise to give medical care and WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) services without charge and without bias to vulnerable people in resource poor areas of the world. We support and collaborate with existing local efforts and systems in humanitarian crisis situations directly and thru education. We are committed to enhancing local capabilities in the form of education, as we know this is the best way to make a lasting impact.  We hope our little Ripple will continue and spread after we are gone.

We are experienced and dedicated humanitarians. Dr. Suzanne is a physician board certified in Emergency Medicine and completed a fellowship in International Medicine. Nathan is trained and experienced in WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene). Since 2008 we have volunteered in many humanitarian crisis situations around the world.

Some of our recent projects were (2022) working in Ukraine producing and delivering tourniquets. Teaching/training frontline medical professionals in Ukraine on the Butterly  ultrasound. Sharing water filters on the Navajo Nation. Helping Venezuelans refugees in Ecuador with free dental care and dignity/hygiene kits. (2021)Helping Venezuelan refugees with WASH plus housing and jobs, enhancing safety with lifeguard and CPR support. And again working with the Navajo Nation with water issues and supporting asylum seekers at the US/Mexico border. (2020) COVID prevention strategies, practicalities and education in our small town in Ecuador, supporting a clinic in Ecuador dedicated to caring for Venezuelan refugees by providing ultrasound capabilities and dignity kits, working in the Navajo Nation, (2019) assisting refugees in Uganda, teaching junior doctors in a children’s hospital in Laos, assisting asylum seekers at the Mexico/USA border, (2018) assisting Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

We have been married since 1996. We live in a small town on the coast of Ecuador with our dog and cats.

A few pictures of ours from 2008-2018:

About Suzanne

Dr. Suzanne Atteberry, DO

President of a Ripple

My name is Suzanne Atteberry.  I am a physician board certified in emergency medicine.  I earned my medical degree in 2006 from University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ School of Osteopathic Medicine.  I completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at Medical College of Georgia in 2009 and a fellowship in International Medicine in 2010.   I like working in remote and resource poor settings, and having an ultrasound in my pocket.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband Nathan, doing yoga, gardening, beach time and snuggling with my cats.

For more information on Suzanne’s international experience click here

About Nathan

Nathan Atteberry

Vice President of a Ripple

My name is Nathan Atteberry, through various organizations, I have trained in Shallow Well Drilling, Hand Pump Repair, Latrine Design and Construction, Community Health through Hygiene, Bio-sand Filtration, Transformational Missions, and Disaster Response. I love working for the disadvantaged. There’s nothing better than helping those less fortunate than you and I.  I love listening to music and enjoy swimming and playing on the beach with my wife and dog.  

For more information on Nathan’s international experience click here

About our volunteers



My name is Danielle DeCesare-Bruno.

I first started in bookkeeping in 1999. Since then I have helped over 45 companies start up, from incorporation to their web presence. As new technologies come out, I love the opportunity to learn how to help others accomplish their goals. It’s exciting to be able to work with a nonprofit organization that I believe in and a couple that I have respected for over a decade.

When I am not behind my computer, I love camping, being outside and spending time with my three beautiful children.  

Juan M. Gimenez

Web Support

Hello, my name is Juan, I am from Córdoba, Argentina. I used to work as an information systems and website development technician. Tired of a life based on routines and schedules, I decided to leave everything behind and start my trip around the world. Nowadays, I am settled in a small town by the Ecuadorian coast starting my project to build a house in the middle of the jungle.

Along with Nathan, we have brought A Ripple to the cloud, so everyone from anywhere in the world can learn about our projects and have to opportunity to help others with bigger needs.

In my free time I like surfing, working the land, travelling and sharing with friends.