Safe water for Palestinians


Safe water for Palestinians. 

In Gaza, safe drinking water has been a major issue for decades. With the current heartbreaking bloodshed, the water situation has gone from bad to horrific. According to the U.N., 97% of the water in Gaza doesn’t meet World Health Organization standards for human consumption. 

The rate of access to water in Gaza (including drinking, bathing, and cleaning), is just 1.5 liters per person per day. This is 15 liters less than the minimum amount of water required for survival. 

Many Palestinians have been forced to drink water from the Mediterranean Sea, as desalination plants have been bombed and destroyed. 

A doctor in Gaza recently wrote about a 5 year old girl patient with bloody diarrhea who lives in a storage unit with 16 others. “There is no nutritious food in Gaza. Many children have diarrhea due to the lack of clean water and poor sanitation. It is a miracle that there is no cholera outbreak yet.” 

In the southernmost city of Gaza named Rafah, formerly inhabited by 300,000 people and the supposed safe zone, there’s currently an estimated 1.5 million internally displaced Palestinians. We are currently in Gaza’s neighbor, Egypt, facilitating the transfer of water filters into Rafah city. If you would like to help the people of Gaza during this horrific time, please consider the link below. The filters are greatly needed and 100% of any kind donation will be used to quench their dehydration.   

A Palestinian man recently wrote “We are dying for a sip of water.” You’re welcome to join us in sharing more than a sip for the world’s most desperate people.


Thank you.