Yá’át’ééh. Please meet Peshway and Emmy, our Navajo friends from Shiprock, Navajo Nation. Besides helping us deliver water filters to their community, they also run @nn.frp (Northern Navajo Farm Revitalization Project), where they “strive to revitalize farms on Dinétah through modern and traditional Diné methods.” It was a privilege to have a tour of their land as they explained the ancient and proven methods that the Navajo have used for centuries. When it’s “cool” in the mornings, they have a full class of interns where Peshway shares agricultural wisdom from his training at University and from his farming father and grandfather. 
As agriculturist, teachers, and Navajo, they know the importance of water and water rights on this dry reservation. Thank you to @navajostrong for introducing us, we couldn’t ask for a better team than Peshway and Emmy to help distribute water filters in Shiprock.

At the request of the Shiprock Chapter House, we had the pleasure of delivering 10 water filters for the Navajo Nation. This Chapter House will soon be distributing ten 275 gallon water tanks to the community, and with representatives from @navajostrong and @nn.frp, we were happy to share free and safe water in this vast desert. 
Here in New Mexico, it will be 100 degrees today and as it’s been said, “In the empire of desert, water is the king and shadow is the queen.” We couldn’t agree more.

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