Passport and alarms

A few weeks ago, snuck out into the 4 a.m. night an hour before the Ukrainian curfew was lifted and into the driver seat of an ambulance. Drove to a local hospital and picked up a patient and escorted him across the border into Poland onto a Medevac flight to Germany. 
The patient was a 24 year old Ukrainian soldier who had head injuries from a missile blast and was now paralyzed on the right side of his body. He spoke a little but only in Russian, like many Ukrainians do in the eastern part of the country. 
The takeaway was that when transferring this young soldier from the hospital to the ambulance, the doctor was ecstatic that we had ibuprofen in the ambulance. 
The Ukrainian health system is so strapped it barely has enough funds for basic medicine, let alone proper tourniquets. If you would like to save a Ukrainian’s life by sharing a quality tourniquet, please click the link below. Attached is a picture of this young man’s passport. Just like his documents, this Ukrainian soldier looked torn and frayed, but still hanging on.

Get the new App, it’s the bomb! 
For months now, millions of Ukrainians have relied on Alarm, a new application that lets them know when and where Russia is sending their missiles. Yes, of course there’s the old way of air raid sirens that still exist and we hear daily, but this app can let you know a few seconds before the Cold War-era sirens. Developed in Ukraine, this technology is very useful for those living in rural areas as there aren’t speakers in all areas of the country. War in the 21st century calls for modern solutions. Finally, something smart from a smartphone.

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