Ultrasound and saving lives

In the main hospital in Khmelnytski Ukraine, Dr. Suzanne is busy teaching the Butterfly Ultrasound. This week, she’s been training the eager local doctors all night, from 5:00 p.m. until curfew is lifted at 5:00 a.m. Just like last week’s day shift physicians, the current night shift doctors are full of excitement and questions. 
Just in case you’re not familiar with the Butterfly, it’s an amazing new ultrasound consisting only of a microphone sized probe, which can easily be connected to an iPad or even a phone to see the images. If in a hospital or outside in a rural location, for the trained eye having x-ray vision in their pocket is truly amazing. 
Even being very capable clinicians, the wonder of this new technology has had the local docs over the moon. Some doctors staying after their shift for more training, or even coming in on their day off just to learn from the experienced Dr. Suzanne. Even the hospital director asked and received personal training. Some of these doctors will soon be heading to the front lines of this war, and having this skill in their “pocket” will be invaluable, to say the least. Thanks to Suzanne and @global.response and their funders, this training and donations of Butterflies and iPads is just one more way we can help Ukraine in this fight. 
Slava Ukraini! 

You did it! 
Here’s a short video of thanks to you from the military men of Ukraine. (In this video, specifically from Luhansk. We can not imagine being in their situation and location) Thank you for providing tourniquets for these men, and hundreds more just like them. Very recently, in training and in real war emergencies, when they would see cheap or fake tourniquets break, they would get very disheartened and angry. Wouldn’t you? Now with your kind contributions and our supply chain to the front lines of this war, we’re happy to see quality tourniquets that you purchased literally in the hands of the men and women that need them the most. 
You did it! And are continuing to do it! You’re literally saving hundreds of Ukrainian lives.

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