On the edge

Dr. Suzanne on the edge of the frontier and humanity.   

In the border town of Reynosa Mexico, there’s thousands of disadvantaged humans seeking haven in the richest country in the world.   

On this dangerous man made dividing line, there’s three areas where asylum seekers live and where medical clinics are held. Thousands are in a small and crowded plaza, thousands are in a larger but crowded refuge, and hundreds in a crowded building.

Here, most migrants are from three Central American countries and Haiti, and some from Eastern Europe and Central Africa.

Suzanne patiently cares for a multitude of ailments from whomever waits all day for their turn, under the sun, and then walks to her table. Old patients, babies, pregnancies, common flue, covid, sexual issues, dehydration, mental illness, cancer, miscarriage,… While examining and listening to their stories, at times she can legally help them cross the border and onto a new life. The countries where they came from and Mexico, are not equipped or capable of certain treatments or procedures that are common in the US, only 200 meters across a bridge. She has given a new life to those that truly need it. Please welcome your new residents and neighbors. We know them, and just like you, they’re good people. 

Thank you to Global Response Management for our housing and transportation. Daily, GRM provides important medicine for thousands of asylum seekers, a life source for many. An extra thank you to Nina Ng and especially Brendon Tucker who has been helping those in need along the Mexico/USA border for years. True humanitarians. GRM has a great mission statement. “We go where others won’t to do what others can’t.”  

Some people need help. Some people give help. 

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