Tisa and Water

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of meeting a Navajo woman named Tisa. Tisa lives on her family’s land in a very difficult place to find in Two Gray Hills, Navajo Nation. She was in need of help with some water issues, mainly that there was none. 

Like most Navajo living on the reservation, she gets water trucked in and stored in a container, as there’s no running water. Pictured here is her main container, which over time becomes full of algae and bacteria. She was thrilled to receive a water filter, and we all drank this old untrusted water with confidence. 

We were pleasantly surprised to see her simple house was ready for the rain, as she had gutters and rain catchment barrels ready for storage. She’s also ready for the winter, when she can use the water from the melted snow and drink with confidence post-filtering. 

Tisa lives very close to her grandmother who has lived in Two Gray Hills for 84 years. She takes care of the sheep, the main cash crop for this family as their wool is used to make some of the best blankets and rugs on the planet. She remembers her grandmother telling her how this area used to be green and full of flowers. Things have changed.

Tisa is a fighter, and will take care of her grandmother any way she can. A water filter makes this a little easier. Thank you. 

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