Potty Mouth

Guess what? Today is World Toilet Day! 

Yep, it always sneaks up on us too!

But we at a Ripple take these things seriously. We try our best to help the disadvantaged with health care, safe water, proper hygiene, and adequate sanitation. 

Did you know that even in 2019, worldwide, over 4 billion people live without safely managed sanitation? Or that in this modern world, there’s almost 700 million people that practice open defecation? It’s true. 

For those of you who take your toilet for granted, here’s a couple of facts about your crapper that will hopefully convince you to give your “thrown” some respect.

10 everyday items dirtier than your toilet seat:

Your cutting board.

Your handbag. 

Your faucet handles.

Your computer keyboard.

Your kitchen cloth.

Your TV remote.

Gas pump.

Elevator buttons.

Toothbrush holders. 

And you’re better off licking your toilet seat than what you’re holding right now, your phone. Gross but true.

Thank you toilet.

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