Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from a refugee settlement on the Mexico USA border. 

It’s been our pleasure to assist some of the thousands of migrants here in Reynosa Mexico. It feels appropriate being here, after all, the original Christmas story is of a homeless couple giving birth in shit and straw. 

Our Dr. Suzanne has been busy treating our desperate neighbors from the Americas with her expertise, medicine, and love. 

Yesterday at one settlement, it was great to see a Christmas tree piñata for the kids, and in the main Plaza, now a tent city for thousands, a ragged Christmas tree. 

This Christmas, we were happy to give some presents in the form of 100 needed Dignity/Hygiene Kits. Soap, shampoo, and many other hygienic items that we take for granted were joyfully received by mothers. 

Thank you very much to those of you who’ve donated to these refugees, and thank you to our friends at Solidarity Engineering for helping us stock these kits with essentials. 

Feliz Navidad.

Peace on earth, good will to ALL. 

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