Power Pulpit

Power from the pulpit. 

Today in Reynosa Mexico, about 100 meters from the US border, we turned away sick and desperate asylum seekers from the clinic because we ran out of time. Just like yesterday, from early in the morning until dusk, our ill neighbors from Centra America come seeking medical help for themselves and their children. 

This pictured pulpit, only a couple of feet from where we work, gives power. Power to phones and to people desperately in need. The power to talk to a loved one, the power to show us their medical records, the power to talk to a lawyer, the power to hear news from home and the “promised land”, and the soothing comfort of viewing an old photo of a loved one.  

Power to the people! 

If you would like to share some of your power, please click on the link below. Thank you. 

(Yes, just like you, most asylum seekers have a cheap smart phone. Unlike you, this is literally all they have)

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