Thanks to people like you, we’ve been able to help a couple of striving Venezuelan refugees families in Puerto Lopez Ecuador. 

These families have lived in this area for years, in a 5 by 5 meter rickety bamboo shack covered by a roof with many holes. These families live with a dirt floor, no running water, no bathroom, and are lucky to “borrow” a little electricity at night. 

Even with those disadvantages, these families have dignity and work any job they can find for $10-$15 dollars a day. It’s not easy to do this when they could sit outside a supermarket to beg and “earn” $50 a day. They have pride, and thanks to kind donations, we’re happy to help families like these. 

Pictured here is their old dwelling. 

Another picture of the construction of their larger house with a separate bedroom inside and a proper roof. 

With their old structure, we’re upcycling the material and building an arborloo, a simple and effective toilet separate from the house. After using the arboroloo for a year or so and when it’s almost full, a tree such as a papaya can be planted in the compost and the upper structure can be moved to use in a different location.  

Also, thank you to Alejandra Lopez for giving these families a baby bathtub, diapers, and baby clothes. 

Together, we can help those that help themselves.

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