Hand Out

It’s difficult to hold your head high with your hand out. 

This mother and baby pictured in Puerto Lopez Ecuador, is a common sight here, and in Latin America in general.  

A Venezuelan refugee humbly begging in front of a Tia grocery store.  

“Why there?” That’s where the money is. Any change will help. 

“Why doesn’t she get a job?” That’s impossible when you’re a single mother living on the street.   

“Why doesn’t she just go home?” Venezuela has the worlds worst economy, empty pharmacies and grocery stores, and one of the highest murder rates in the world. 

That’s why. 

With kind donations, we’re happy to share Dignity Kits and other help with single mothers. As stated, it’s difficult to hold your head high with your hand out asking for help, especially when your hands are holding a baby. 

Yet above their face masks, we can see it in their eyes. These mothers are survivors, and even with everything against them, still have dignity.  

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