Highly Recommended

Highly recommended! 

When you’re high up in the Andean city of Cuenca Ecuador, do yourself a favor and head over to Full Criollo restaurant for some delicious Venezuelan food. They’re located on Gran Colombia and are open everyday from 9 until 9, except for Mondays. They have a wide range of delicious Venezuelan cuisine from soups, grilled meat platters, hamburgers, and vegan options, all with a unique twist. Of course no proper Venezuelan eatery would be complete without the iconic arepa. If you’re interested in getting a taste of how they make their delicious arepas, watch this video as chef Javier tries to teach Josh from Loco Living the recipe. Tries is the key word:)

4 years ago, Chef Javier left Venezuela as he felt he and his family had no future to flourish in life. Leaving his home country and the worlds worst economy, he modestly and humbly started selling arepas on the streets of Ecuador. After years of striving, his family is now thriving because of perseverance, hard work, and kindness from people like you. 

Today, we feel it’s important to remember that when we see a foreigner on the street looking for a little help, the story of this restaurant is what’s possible if we give them a fair chance and a helping hand.  

When we enjoy a meal at a restaurant, it’s important to realize that we not only help the owner, but also help build a future for the servers, the cleaners, and the dishwashers.

Like chef Javier says, “Everyday I say it to my self, just like I will say it to you. You have to believe in yourself to keep moving forward. You can do it”. 

As his sister says, “You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or on the street”.

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