Dr. Joker

Here in Ecuador, like all countries with refugees, when one desperate foreigner does something wrong or stupid, that whole community is accused and guilty by association. Here, one Venezuelan asylum seeker commits a crime, the other honest 500,000 countrymen are automatically looked at differently. This is not right. What about the other 99.9% peacefully living or striving to get by? 

Narrated by Josh at Loco Living, we would like to introduce you to a gentle soul. A friend, a savant, and humble Venezuelan man named Jose Luis. 

If you want, you can call him Dr. Joker.  

Even speaking 7 languages and being a doctor of obstetrics-gynecology doesn’t give Jose Luis an advantage when in a foreign land without the consent to practice his profession. After years, some would give up, most would complain, but not Dr. Joker. Instead, he literally puts on a happy face and shares the medicine of joy to all that he meets on the street. 

Enjoy this short video, co-starring the always beautiful city of Cuenca. Feel free to watch until the end to learn how just like Jose Luis, you too can bring joy, smiles, and Dignity to those living on the streets. 

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