Nice and cozy

What is nice and cozy to you?

In Puerto Lopez Ecuador, there’s a young Venezuelan man named Renny that everybody likes. 

Renny left his home country over 3 years ago, and has been getting to know the Ecuadorian locals by working any job he can find. 

For the past 9 months, he and his partner have been living in the tropical desert under a plastic tarp. Life is not easy for many refugees, even when you’re a hard working go-getter and well respected.  

Today, thanks to people like you and our friend and bamboo master @RafaelLoor, Renny now has a small repurposed cabin to call his own. Sure, it’s not a mansion but it will keep the rain and sun out. With the addition of a simple rain catchment roof and a water filter, he can now quench his thirst in a safe and environmentally friendly way.    

Renny appreciates your help, and said “thank you for the cabin, it’s very nice and cozy”.

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