Vodka is the Best!

Vodka is the best!

A true and fearless team member of ours at A Ripple. 

She’s named Vodka because she’s Russian and strong.

This 4×4 jeep has guided us into natural disasters before other help could arrive.    

Places and times when military and police declared no passage, over broken bridges and under flooded passes she would go, fearlessly into a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and across borders to help in disasters.  

Over the past 5 years, this virus immune gentle beast has carried a small medical clinic and over a thousand mosquito nets and water filters.  She has brought CPR training to rural firemen, the Red Cross and the public. She’s familiar with sea level on the equator and knows 13,000 feet peaks above it. Transporting everything from small injured humans to large wounded turtles, she has seen some things.      

Vodka also knows rust from the ocean breeze and jail from corrupt police, but she can’t be stopped. 

Today is her birthday, and we wanted to celebrate an important part of our little NGO. 

To our invaluable team member, thank you for making the world better. 

Vodka is the best!

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