Veterans Day

Did you know the Navajo helped the USA win World War 2?
The famous Navajo code talkers were an important part of the US army who sent secret messages in their native language across oceans to confuse the approaching Japanese.
Using their beautiful and unique tongue, they enlisted after Pearl Harbor not only wanting to help the US, but specifically to protect our planet. As code talker Albert Smith said, “…this conflict involved Mother Earth being dominated by foreign countries. It was our responsibility to defend her.”
Besides using their own “secret language”, they would use unique terms to confuse the Japanese. For example, in Navajo, they don’t have a word for submarine, so instead said Iron Fish.
A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of driving frequently through southern Utah’s reservation on Code Talker Highway. It’s a beautiful and windy drive, and best experienced moving through it at hight speed. Unfortunately because of Covid, this road is at times closed to traffic.
Today, there’s only 3 remaining code talkers alive. Most have passed on, but are not forgotten. We thank them for their service, as always, fighting for Mother Earth.

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