Covid or Refugee?

Coronavirus or Refugee?

Your home country is frightening and dangerous. 

You can’t travel to a safe country.

Borders are closed. 

All governments do not want to deal with you.

Many people you’re with are sick.

You can’t congregate with your family and friends. No parties. No prayers.

Everybody is looking at you like you have an infectious disease,

because of this, you’re scared to go outside. 

Nobody wants to touch you. 

No place to get food.

There’s zero toilet paper.

No job, no money.

No school. 

Your youngest kid has a fever and is crying and confused.

It seems like everybody is speaking a foreign language.

Misinformation everywhere. 

Soon, there will be no water.  

Out on the street, the authorities wearing masks don’t trust you and are always taking your temperature.

These same authorities put you in a separate and isolated area.

You can’t leave. 

You’re scared and the future is uncertain.  

There’s millions of others in the same situation. 

In the next couple of months, as the world gets a small taste of life like this, please remember that this is normal life for millions of refugees. 

They are patient, strong, and resilient.

So are you. 

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