19 from 2019

19 pictures from 2019.

As this year comes to a close, we would like to thank all of YOU who’ve helped us help thousands of neglected people this past year.  

Thank you for being a massive part of A Ripple, by sending us encouragement and kind words, or sharing with others our endeavours word of mouth or here on line. 

To the almost 100 individuals who donated to A Ripple, making our small drop in the bucket into a larger ripple, we truly appreciate it. However much the contribution, small or big, we took great pride in making your gifts most useful for those in need. 

You’ve helped give safe water to Congolese refugee schools, education for new pediatric doctors in Luang Prabang, medicine to sick pregnant women from El Salvador, schooling for health workers in remote Uganda, healing for Guatemalan families sleeping outside, hand washing devices for refugees in Kyaka 2, thousands of liters of water to clinics, schools, and remote villages in northern Lao, faucets for migrants in Matamoros Mexico, water filters for Central Americans in limbo, CPR training for midwives in Africas fastest growing refugee camp, love and medicine for neglected Hondurans,… 

There’s always more that can be done, but through your assistance, we’ve helped some of the most vulnerable people on earth. These disadvantaged souls are so thankful for our help, and we always tell them these life saving gifts are from our friends.

Thank you, friends.  

Unfortunately this past year, the numbers of refugees and the deprived has only gone up, not down. In the upcoming year, we humbly ask you to stick with them, and us, by joining our continued efforts in helping those less fortunate than we are around the world.   

Let our simple New Year’s resolution be this. 

Be there for others. 

Thank you very much.

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