A normal life

A “normal” life.

Some of the migrants that we get to meet have been here in Matamoros for over 6 months. The dirty, shrewd, and illegal scheme the U.S. President came up with known as MPP or “Remain in Mexico” initiative is a plan to frustrate the heck out of these desperate people until they give up and go back home to their dangerous and difficult lives. 

Others just arrived today, like a young woman from Honduras. Her chief complaint at our little clinic,”pain to feet and knees, walked all night in desert, 10 hours”.

Those that have been here for months are trying their best to have a “normal” life. There’s tons of kids, and of course most don’t truly understand what’s going on. But then again, who does?

These sweet youngsters just want to play, go to school, laugh with their parents,…normal life. Unfortunately this is difficult when there’s no toys, the fear of getting kidnapped is real, there’s no school, everybody is sick, the 5 toilets are disgusting, the sun is beating down, very little drinking water, same food everyday, and their parents are stressed beyond belief. 

Thank you very much to those of you who have given these anguished people help. Either with your donations or sharing their story with others, we really appreciate it. They are always thankful to us for the little help we give, but the thanks go to you. Our little assistance is greater because of you. 

If interested, here’s a couple of pictures of our new friends trying to have a normal life. 

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