Oily Doors

A gift that opens doors.

As Western countries become more nationalistic, insular, and stop helping their neighbours who are truly in need, it’s good to remember this.  The foreign aid our Western countries give is such a small small portion of our national budget that we don’t even notice it. 

As the current US administration and other rich European countries cut their already small foreign aid, please remember that these drops of even 0.1% makes a huge difference to those who are fighting for their lives. The USA spends less than 2% of its budget on foreign aid compared to 61% or $727 BILLION on military and the “defence” budget. This is more than the other top 9 countries combined spend. This makes me want to puke.

There’s also many obvious signs that not only does this small assistance help with foreign economic growth but dramatically cuts down on terrorism.  

For those who have almost nothing, it also opens a door to the future, literally.  My friend and translator Ayubu and his family are grateful for the gift from the people of USA in the form of cooking oil.  Such a small gift but it means so much to him and his family, and after finishing the oil, he flattens the tin can and makes a door out of it. Every time he comes or goes into his small mud hut, he sees the red, white, and blue flag of the USA. 

On behalf of the millions of neglected people around the world, and as we privileged in the West vote for our representatives, please remember what this foreign aid means and can do. It can cut down on terrorism, help nourish, and literally open doors to the future. 

We can share more than crumbs from our table. 

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