Mango Juice

Our time in Bangladesh has come to a close.  Not because we want to move on but because our visa’s are maxed out, with one day to spare.  

It was a little sad to leave all the people we’ve gotten to know and worked along side.  New friends from France, Belgium, USA, and of course the many Bengali’s at the Hope Foundation.  They’ll continue to do their best to help the almost one million Rohingya refugees.  

Yesterday, we flew from Cox’s Bazar to the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka.  Every time in Dhaka is a reminder of what a densely populated country Bangladesh is.  A metropolis of almost 20 million, IN ONE CITY!  (Where we live, Ecuador, has 16 million in the whole country)  The crazy and large cities of the world such as New York, Tokyo, Mexico City,… don’t have anything on Dhaka.  If you ever get the chance to visit, don’t.

Even being the worlds most densely populated country, its awesome that Bangladesh has let the Rohingya in.  Sure, the refugee camp is in an “out of the way” area of Bangladesh where until a couple of months ago wild elephant roamed, but still the effort from their governmental and non governmental agencies is great to see.  If only other richer and less populated countries around the world could do the same for the many displaced peoples of the world. 

Thank you Bangladesh for the rice and dal, the humidity, the constant stares, the non stop honking, your mango juice, the rain, your unbelievable traffic, your kind people, and for helping the Rohingya as best as you can. Till we meat again.  


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